Lotion Candle - Mediterranean Oud

Not just a candle. A candle, lotion and massage oil all at once! Light-it up to create a captivating atmosphere and watch as it melts into a skin-smoothing body oil. Based on pure beeswax and hand poured with essential oils, this candle is all natural with no chemical additives inside.

Relax into the sumptuous aroma of our unique exotic blend in which Mediterranean meets the East: tea flower, sage, linden, chamomile, honey and a just hint of oud. Sweet,smoky and warming.

How to Use the Lotion Candle?

Dip the complimentary spoon that comes along with the candle as it melts and use it as
• A skin-smoothing, nourishing aroma therapeutic moisturizer for hands, elbows, feet or other dry skin
• A gentle warm massage oil
• Soothing cream before or after manicure and pedicure treatment

The candle features a cotton wick, lead and zinc free.